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Our journey begins in the protected waters around Chewonki Neck in Wiscasset Maine, and as our skills and confidence increase, we travel to the spruce-covered islands of Penobscot Bay. Along the way we encounter seabirds, seals and perhaps whales. All while becoming part of the iconic Maine coast which includes busy working waterfronts, fishermen on their rounds, and pristine islands.

Note to participants: Maine Coast Kayak is designed to be the perfect introduction to our Boatbuilders program.

A Focus on Skills & Leadership

We spend time training and preparing at Chewonki before traveling on our journey along the coast. Launching at Chewonki’s waterfront we head for Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. We each carry gear in solo expedition sea kayaks, the modern version of the Inuit skin boat, and we spend the majority of our nights on islands.

Participants learn expeditionary sea-kayaking skills, including paddling strokes, wet exits, rescue, group travel and weather reading. As the trip progresses, paddlers acquire expertise in navigation and saltwater camping, and eventually, each takes on a leadership role. Throughout the experience there is a strong emphasis on learning coastal ecology and maritime history. Kayaks ply waters where bigger, sailing boats may not venture, so we enjoy wonderful interactions with sea life.

As with all Chewonki wilderness trips, “Leave No Trace” skills underlie our approach to the environment in which we travel. As a result, participants learn to live and travel responsibly in the outdoors. Participants with little or no experience will find comfort, meaning, and challenge in our simple lifestyle.